Monday, February 28, 2011

Spirithoods Warm Us!

Have you spotted gorgeous people wearing furry hoods with animal ears and scarf muffs on the streets?

The brand is SPIRITHOODS!

These are all faux fur, of course, but very fun and warm to wear! They also have the short version of the ones that you see above a.k.a. the hood only but I rather get the full warmer package! This trendy warmer costs $129 each and cheaper for the ones without the scarf muffs. Seen below Vanessa Hudgens is wearing the Red Wolf one. The Fire Wolf (the red one below) is listed under Men but I'm pretty sure it's unisex and unique. Even tho, they do not have the cat's ears but I'm ordering one and I will update you when it arrives! Meanwhile, you should get yours at

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