Saturday, March 5, 2011

Blair Waldorf's Balmain Blazer Spotted at Barneys NY Warehouse Sale!

Barneys New York Warehouse Sale's Madness | February - March 2011

February 17th to March 6th, 2001 - Entrance on 17th Street between 7th & 8th Ave!

Please note that tomorrow will be the last day and they will cut down the prices even more. I went last Tuesday and most of the shoes were down to 50% off! Going on weekdays is the best time ever. I saw a lot of Alexander Wang boots and Lanvin heels. The Chanel shoes left on the shelves were mostly small sizes 5 to 6 and the infamous Lanvin sneakers as well but there were some in bigger size 40 and up. As for size 37 or 7, you should definitely grab them when you see the ones you like before they vanish in a wink!

Above are the Balenciaga Leopard prints ankle boots and Alexander Wang Addison boots in Brown (above) and Black (below) that were down to $189 after the 50% off!! Those Addisons boots are very comfortable yet very high, over 6++ inches heels thick heels.

Then going downstairs to the Clothing's section,... while surfing from rack to rack, from a thick white cable knit sweater by Givenchy with a price tag of $1200 to the infamous Balmain's Motorcycle Jeans, here comes Blair Waldorf's Gold Brocade Blazer in between!!

Price tag? Down to approx. $1800 after % & tax!

Now, Time to Exit... which is on the 18th Street!


  1. Omg the clothes look amaaaazing!!! Wish I could have gone there!

  2. Prena, you should definitely go for the next sale in August!!