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Long before Balmain "brainwashed" us with its rocker biker looks, and Thomas Wylde made skulls chic again, Alexander McQueen has rocked the world long ago, with his trademark skulls! They're seen everywhere from scarves, tees, dresses, cocktail rings, knuckles and purses.
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The Novak is definitely a classic handbag made by McQueen. It has a classic shape and look which would last forever. Quoting from Purseblog, "Inspired by actress Kim Novak, whose best-known film is Hitchcock’s “Vertigo”, the bag comes off very strong, enforcing the feminine appearance with a little bit of a Gucci’ish flair, embodying both vintage and future in one." It is one of Ms. Dream memorable handbag and she wore it to the recent New York Fashion Week as a tribute to McQueen.
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Reach Couture is always supporting high-end designers collaborating with major retailers to provide affordable fashion. With our highest appreciation, McQueen's collaboration with Target was definitely one of his remarkable contribution to design fashion for the masses. It was one special moment that his designs became affordable and sold on a mass retailer, Target. I acquired a lot of his items from Target, among others are the trench coat and the skinny jeans.Whowhatwear has a great collage showing McQueen's collection for Target.

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# 4 : MCQUEEN'S ALIEN SHOES from his Plato's Atlantis collection, S/S 2010
We love every McQueen's collections, and we're sure there would be other pieces from his collections that you would cherish and stay forever in your heart. Plato's Atlantis is an unforgettable one for US. It's a very strong collection, definitely putting him in the higher level of designer he has become today. Every look and details are precisely thought, overall giving us a collection of immaculate designs. And who can ever resist the shoes on this collection? It's indescribable, beyond anyone's imaginations. We definitely admire every models who were able to flawlessly walk the runway in those shoes. Although, there's a number of debates out there comparing these two, if any of you have seen the movie Avatar, we feel the Navi tribe would definitely wear all of his Plato's Atlantis collection gracefully! The Daily Truffle did a nice collage of comparing them.

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Last year, we passed in front of McQueen's boutique in Meatpacking District, New York. The store is still open with flows of flowers and candles in front of its window.

R.I.P Lee Alexander McQueen, you will be dearly missed!
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***Please also read this interesting article by Plum Sykes, courtesy of, about her friendship with McQueen in his early days as a designer, here.

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  1. I absolutely adore McQueen - especially all of the skull related designs!

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