Monday, August 8, 2011

Wedding Ceremony Room Decor Ideas: DYI White Rose Petals Aisle Runner & Crystal Trees

As I've been away for my wedding, I will update you with DYI tips on what I've been busy doing!! Today, it's the DYI Ceremony Room Decoration!
First of all, aisle runners from Petal Happy cost a fortune.. so let's do your own that can save you lots of $$$ - all you need is patience & turn on your favorite TV channel other than the following raw materials:
  1. 100ft (or less - depending on the lenght that you need) aisle runer from D-Light Online
  2. 3M General Purpose 45 or Super 77 Spray Adhesive, get them cheap from Home Depot
  3. 6 used package boxes
  4. Rubber Gloves
  5. 48 bags of white fabric rose petals by Details Accessories (I had extra unused petals as my runner was only 64ft) - it's $1 per bag!
First, use the used boxes as to cover your floor. Since you're going to use strong glue, you dont want to have sticky floor at the end of our project. So make sure that you spray on the fabric/runner when it's on top of the cardboards. Just use tape to combine all 6-8 cardboard boxes to turn them into one big "floor mat". Then wear your gloves and get your fake rose petals out from their packaging bags.
Spray the aisle runner with the adhesive spray and glue the rose petals on it!
Make sure you have your favorite TV channel on before you start working on this!

Then, let's move to the branches with crystal garlands and Marta Stewart Medium White Pom Poms Decorations Kit
What you need?
  1. Branches from your backyard the taller - the better! 60" to 80" tall
  2. White Spray paints and/or small can of white paint +  brush (again, get them from Home Depot for a deal price)
  3. Lots of clear Cable Ties from Home Depot 
  4. Five 25"++ Tall vases from Home Goods or Marshall's - 3 same height & 2 shorter same size
  5. White Fake flowers from Deal$ stores or Dollar Tree
  6. Real White Hydrangeas & Roses flowers in BULK from Costco, BJ's or Sam's Club
  7.  4 rolls of Diamond Shaped Crystal Acrylic Garland
  8. White floral tape from Jamali Garden
  9. Branch/flowers scissors cutters to re-shape the style of the tree if necessary
Get as many branches as you can and combine them into 3 seperate tree shape with cable ties.

Put on your gloves and start spray painting! You want to do it on your driveway or backyard, otherwise reuse the cardboard mat!

Once dry, place them in 3 vases and start hanging the 4 rolls of Diamond Shaped Crystal Acrylic Garland on 2 trees - Make sure to use them all. These 4-carat diamond shaped clear beads are glued on the strings and in order to hang them, you have to cut them long and hang it at the middle of the string.

On the third tree, do the Pom Pom Tissue Paper Flower kit by Martha Stewart and hang the crystal garlands with metal rings. Then stuffed the vases with the fake flowers from the dollar tree or deals stores to cover the bottom of the branches.

At last, pour water to weigh down the vase and to feed the real hydrangeas that are sticking out from the vases.

Finally use the 2 shorter size than the 3 other tall ones for roses. You dont have to have the creative tallent to design these flowers. Just keep the long stems from the bulk purchased and shape it into a pom-pom!

... and tada...

Good Luck!

Picture souces: My wedding ceremony room at Trump Soho Hotel - NYC - Hudson Room


  1. Hi, I like the idea on how "White Rose Fabric Petals" decorated in the wedding hall. Thanks for the share. :)

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