Sunday, February 10, 2013

How To Spot Fake ISABEL MARANT Sneakers

Quick & straight forward guide to spot fake Isabel Marant's sneakers:

1.  The Font of Isabel Marant's Logo:
Be knowledgeable of the authentic font of the ISABEL MARANT's logo. As easy as going to Isabel Marant's Official Website and there you go, I circle it in red below:

Which means, the following fonts of the logo are FAKES as you compare with the real one above:

The third one above is also fake, there are too many spaces between "Isabel" and "Marant" and the font are slimmer compare to the original font of the logo.

2.  Shoe box:
When you purchase the shoes with the original box, you can spot it right away whether the shoes that are inside the box are real or fakes just by looking at the font of the logo found on the top of the box. The following is the real ISABEL MARANT's shoe box:

The following is also an authentic shoe box of Isabel Marant, notice the font of the logo is exactly the same as the one you see on their official website. Notice the size of the font and the location of the logo is centered:

FAKES boxes are shown below:

The following are the latest fakes boxes trying to copy the font of the logo but the size of the font is way too big compare to the original ones and logo with etoile(stars) that you see below is also fake:

3. The Sticker on The Shoe Box:
As we all know the sneakers are made in Portugal but don't be fooled by the fakes stickers that also says "Made in Portugal" but actually are Made in China! Please study the real one, below:

Look how obviously Fake is the following one. Again, the font is incorrect and easy to spot it:

4. The Outer Sole:
The original Isabel Marant's sneaker sole is very simple, logo with European shoe size next to it:

FAKES soles are shown below:

5. The Inner Sole:
Real is below - neat & nicely clear logo:

FAKES are shown below:

6. Shoe Bags:

Cool original fabric shoe bags are shown below:

It looks like there are no Fakes shoe bags yet so far but the Fakes sneakers are delivered in these ugly see through pouches that you see below:

Hope this post helps you to spot fake sneakers online or ebay before you purchased them!
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